Alcohol Injection Systems

Since 2003


Alkycontrol is exactly the kit you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.


With the flood of Injection systems on the market today, A little research and you will notice that most if not all provide systems based on a 50/50 mix, this is due in part to the higher cost of internal - as well as external parts needed to hold up to 100% "safely".

When you purchase an Injection system from Alkycontrol your’e getting a product thats been tested time and time again by some of the fastest out there: cars, trucks, jet skis, airboats, and even a world record holding airplane. If it has a piston/rotor on boost, it will benefit from our injection system.

Alky had a set up put together and at my door 4 days after ordering. Pretty good service and support.
I think you’re going to love this kit. My Vette has had an AlkyControl kit on it for over three years of daily abuse and it’s helped me safely pick up over 100rwhp.

Custom to your build.