GM Truck 2-Gallon


GM Truck 2-Gallon

from 829.00

Kit designed to fit in the drivers front spare battery tray location of a GM truck. Features the 2 gallon Vortech tank with the addition of a low level float switch.

For turbo/centrifugal blown trucks making less than 15 psi, select the 2 bar option. For trucks making 15-22 psi boost, select the 2.5 bar option.

For roots/PD blown trucks, example Whipple, TVS, etc. Use MAF trigger

93 octane 10-14 PSI single M15 nozzle.

91 octane 10-14 psi 10+10 nozzle

93 octane 14-22 PSI 10+10 or 10+15

As the boost and pressure goes up, so does the octane requirement. Call if you have any questions.

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